Still No Magic Wall Across Mexico

Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” has nothing on the surrealism of Donald Trump’s version.

Though he continues railing about it, The Wall is not ever going to be built, and not just because of political problems. As I have outlined before in this space, it is completely infeasible. Not doable. And frankly that is putting it lightly. Let us reason together for one minute.

Lego WallWe are talking about hundreds of miles of 40-foot high solid wall, built on shifting sands, steep slopes and soft river bottom land in some of the most remote territory on the continent. How many miles? Good question! They keep changing the number! I have heard nineteen hundred miles, twelve hundred miles and fifty miles. (The longest existing wall in America is three and a half miles long!)

There is another aspect of all this that we have not heard much about lately, but Trump once declared that The Wall would have to be transparent as well. It has to be a see-through wall.

Otherwise, drug dealers will come up and catapult heavy bags of dope over it, potentially killing someone on the American side. (Yes, he said this.)

Have you ever seen anything like engineering blueprints for this pipe dream? No? That’s right, there aren’t any! What is the exact path of this giant wall? Nobody knows. It has never been plotted out. And this brings us to a crucial question. Just why were detailed plans not drawn up, back before Trump ever proposed this? Some have suggested that Trump never expected or wanted to win in 2016, and the whole thing was just a device to rev up his crowds. 

Walled off.

Walled off.

We know what happened to the whole business about “Mexico will pay for it.” That went Pfffftt! No, WE, you and me, get to pay for it. Trump’s fat cats won’t be paying anything on it. And after Trump’s cronies finish price gouging, the final price tag will be enough to finance cities on the Moon! Also, there would be so much eminent domain land-seizing that would have to happen, including on Indian tribal lands, this thing would be in court forever.

The highest year for illegal immigration was 2008. It has been dropping steadily since then. Most immigration violations today are people who overstay their VISA.

Add to that the fact that walls are easy to get over or under. There is this technology now called a LADDER!

Republicans will counter that their magic wall will have all kinds of advanced, high tech detection equipment. Okay, why not just install the high tech detection equipment along the border, and spare the taxpayer the bill for this, the most colossal boondoggle of all time!

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