Be a Twitter Hitter (Not a Bitter Critter.)

Twitter is the best of the big social media platforms, but you must do it right. Fortunately, you don’t need a doctorate degree in computer engineering to make the most of Twitter. This article has some basic recommendations, certainly not the last word, but I urge anyone who is new or has less than 500 followers to read this and pass it along to others.twitter-birds-flying-away.top_

So often I see people who are not new to Twitter, but they have only a meager following! If you have posted thousands of tweets and you only have a couple hundred followers, you need to take action to correct that imbalance. Otherwise, face it, you are talking to yourself. Not all of your followers are going to see a given tweet that you post anyway. They are not all watching as you launch that tweet. So if you don’t have several hundred, preferably thousands of followers, you are truly wasting your time. Twitter can be so much more than that.

twitterbirdLet me quickly say that I do not recommend buying blocks of followers from these services that are endlessly pitching their offers: “Ten thousand Twitter followers for $19.95!” Ask yourself, what kind of followers would you get? I suspect a lot of dormant accounts, fake accounts, inappropriate people, teenagers in Estonia, etc. Avoid these “deals.”

It will take time, but basically to build a following it is a matter of following lots of people and waiting on some of them to follow you back. Where do you find people to follow? Pull up the list of followers of some famous person you admire. Just go down the list clicking “Follow” to the ones that seem appropriate. Then follow some of their followers.

Only do about a hundred a day. Twitter only allows you to follow 2000 people, so once you hit that limit you have to stop and delete or “unfollow” some of the ones who are not following you back. You’ll need to give them a few days to follow you back, but if they don’t, you unfollow them. Do this social media platform right and you will be surrounded by myriad twittering bluebirds of happiness. Screw it up and you’ll look like a scene from that Hitchcock movie.The-Birds-1

It’s easy enough to see who is not following you back. Just open your list of followers. If it doesn’t say “Follows You” next to their Twitter user name (the name that comes after the “@”) then they aren’t following you, and you should unfollow by hitting the blue button that says “Following.” At least that’s one way of doing it. Realistically, you need to open a free account at a Twitter management site. It may sound like it is starting to get complicated here, but it is in fact the opposite. It’s all easy and straightforward at the site I recommend, called

Once you have an account with them and it’s linked with your Twitter account (one click to complete the process as I recall) they will provide you a list of people you are following who are not following you back. Also you can see who’s a dormant follower, who’s not tweeting very often, who’s tweeting in a foreign language, etc. You can even see who is using the “egg” avatar, which is considered a hallmark of amateurism on Twitter. If you are still using the dreaded egg, please pull up your homepage and click on the Edit button to upload a photo of some sort. It doesn’t have to be a photo of you.

If you supply an interesting bunch of tweets several days a week, you should get some folks following you. No need to post more than five tweets a day, otherwise you’ll come off like a guy who talks too much. Don’t tweet only about business. Don’t tweet only sales pitches. Don’t be boring! Twitter is like a big cocktail party. If you are not interesting people will drift away from you.

And do yourself a favor and read the Twitter Rules!

Twitter Rules? Yes, we all know that Twitter rules, but they also have rules. Learn them so you won’t get suspended!

Here’s a nice Twitter Glossary.

We’ll make a proper twit out of you yet.

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