New Intrigue Regarding … Marilyn Monroe?

Gone, but apparently not ever to be forgotten, Marilyn Monroe was back in the news today. I mentioned in a June blog that a company was planning a multi-million dollar hologram extravaganza based on the actress. Now comes news that is really quite interesting. A piece of evidence has surfaced to suggest that Marilyn may not have committed suicide.

Her death certificate was never definitive. It said “Probable Suicide.” No note had been left, just empty bottles of pills on her night stand. The conspiracy theories attending her demise are second only to those of President Kennedy, with whom she may (or may not) have had an affair. I won’t rehash all the speculation here. But on July 24th, 2012, an auction will be held in Beverly Hills for the last personal check ever written by the film legend. It seems that on the day before her death, Marilyn Monroe bought a chest of drawers from Pilgrim’s Furniture in LA.

That was all – just a simple white chest of drawers. It was delivered to her apartment on August 4th, 1962, and Marilyn paid with a check. Hearing of this purchase, forensic psychologist David Bernstein expressed surprise, and said this was not the kind of behavior indicative of someone on the raw edge of suicide. People who plan to end their lives often go on spending sprees, but they don’t usually buy one single item, of such long-term practical purpose as a chest of drawers. That’s the kind of thing you get when you’re planning to be around a while.

Bernstein said, “If I were doing a psychological autopsy, this would be intriguing. This would be more consistent with someone who is not suicidal.”

So a small question mark over the sad death of the pop-culture goddess. August 5th will mark fifty years gone by.



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