Obamacare Trivia, and Significa

What makes people think that it will be more cost-effective for this country to have 40 million people in poor health than 40 million in good health? Sickness is costly, in many, many ways. The spin-offs are endless! How about our military recruits? Do the right-wingers want a bunch of sickly, puny guys showing up for basic training? (Rush never mentions that part of it.) Most of the military is drawn from the ranks of the poor. It sure as hell won’t be the Romney boys getting off that bus at boot camp. Also, it’s pretty appalling how many people opposing this law also make so much noise about their Christianity. Is it a spiritual triumph to discard 40 million people to illness?

Remember, no other developed country has anywhere near the numbers of uninsured that we do, nor does any other country spend as much as we do to insure so few.

By the way, how is it more cost-effective to have tens of millions of people swamping Emergency Rooms for their health care? How come that’s not “Socialized Medicine?” We tax payers cover that. We pick up the tab for all that, in real dollars. Do you know how much more expensive Emergency Room health care is than a normal medical clinic? It is many times more pricey, of course.

The best state of the fifty for health care is Massachusetts. Bar none. Virtually all of their citizens are covered, and all see a doctor. Obamacare is modeled TO A TEE from the healthcare law of that state. And yes, it was all a Republican idea to begin with.

The individual mandate (the requirement to carry health insurance) was first drawn up by the Heritage Foundation healthcare economist Mark Pauly, for President George Bush Senior to use against Democrats who wanted an employer mandate at the time. Over the years a veritable Who’s Who of Republicans have supported legislation that included the individual mandate.

Co-sponsors of the Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act, in 1994:

Robert Bennett [R-UT], Christopher Bond [R-MO], William Cohen [R-ME], John Danforth [R-MO], Robert Dole [R-KS], Pete Domenici [R-NM], David Durenberger [R-MN], Duncan Faircloth [R-NC], Slade Gorton [R-WA], Charles Grassley [R-IA], Orrin Hatch [R-UT], Mark Hatfield [R-OR], Nancy Kassebaum [R-KS], Richard Lugar [R-IN], Alan Simpson [R-WY], Arlen Specter [R-PA], Ted Stevens [R-AK], John Warner [R-VA].

The Consumer Choice Health Security Act of 1994 was signed by –

Robert Bennett [R-UT], George Brown [R-CO], Conrad Burns [R-MT], Daniel Coats [R-IN], Thad Cochran [R-MS], Paul Coverdell [R-GA], Larry Craig [R-ID], Robert Dole [R-KS], Duncan Faircloth [R-NC], Charles Grassley [R-IA], Judd Gregg [R-NH], Orrin Hatch [R-UT], Jesse Helms [R-NC], Kay Hutchison [R-TX], Dirk Kempthorne [R-ID], Trent Lott [R-MS], Richard Lugar [R-IN], Connie Mack [R-FL], Frank Murkowski [R-AK], Alan Simpson [R-WY], Bob Smith [R-NH], Ted Stevens [R-AK], Strom Thurmond [R-SC], Malcolm Wallop [R-WY].

All the big-shot Republicans were in favor of requiring Americans to carry health insurance, up until the moment that the Democrats adopted the idea. At that instant it became satanic evil incarnate, and the authorship and years of Republican support for the concept entered an Orwellian twilight zone wherein somehow it never happened.

With Obamacare if you have insurance then you don’t pay the tax. If you don’t get coverage, and you do get penalized, $900 is dirt cheap for a years worth of health insurance. And the money will go towards defraying society’s cost of taking care of you when you have a motorcycle crash with no helmet.


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Joel says:

A lot. More today than a year ago.Because of Obamacare, no company in America offres stand alone children’s health insurance.Why? Obamacare dictates that it is guaranteed issue, without rate ups, regardless of health. Therefore, there is no reason to purchase it until there is a claim needing to be paid.That’s not health insurance. That’s a confiscatory tax on health insurance companies. Fortunately, they aren’t slaves yet, so they exercised the F U clause in the contract with the purple bellies from Washington and just refused to do business where they are guaranteed to lose money.How do you fix the problem of un- and under-insured? By making health insurance affordable.How do you make it affordable? By removing ALL government mandates, loser pays tort reform, encouraging competition between providers (enforce existing anti-trust laws), eliminate the AMA monopoly on billing codes, and eliminate the connection between employment and health insurance.Do these things and we’ll see health insurance cost less than auto insurance. More people will be covered, more people will be healthy.