Obama Cares. (Plutocrats Don't.)

Somewhere Teddy Roosevelt is smiling. Congratulations to President Obama and all those who fought so long and hard to make healthcare widely available in the United States.

It’s a unique feeling to see something very historic unfolding in real time, in the now, before your eyes. This Supreme Court ruling will be discussed in law schools and elsewhere for centuries.

I made a wisecrack on Twitter that the right-wingers get a consolation prize from the Supreme Court ruling – tens of millions of Americans will be healthier overall, and that will mean healthier soldiers. But the more I think about it, that’s not sarcasm. That’s a fact!

Why does nobody, opposed or in favor of the health care law, ever touch on the economic and societal benefit of the massive reduction in illness and disability in your fellow citizens, who will be seeing a doctor now? I don’t remember that minor, trivial aspect of the issue being discussed at all! How about the improvement in the mental health of all those people, due to their physical health improving?

The impact of tens of millions of citizens being healthy and not unhealthy is impossible to measure! It goes to the worth of a human being. Just what is that? You might try to measure it by asking, what is the full capability of a human being? What can he or she accomplish, in optimum condition? Multiply that by thirty million, or forty million people. (Now deduct a big percentage of that value due to the illnesses they would have without healthcare coverage.) Try to figure out a dollar value on it. Good luck. Now try to assign a national security value to it. And now try to place a spiritual value on it.

The spin-offs go on from there. Ed Schultz just tweeted that with all the uncertainty now resolved, businesses can start hiring again. Right? Well, who knows. Maybe they will just continue squeezing more and more work out of fewer and fewer people. But the excuse of “uncertainty” is gone, anyway.

Obamacare will become popular in the years to come, and the improvement in health standards will elevate this nation.


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