Divided and Conquered, Cheeseheads Embrace Plutocracy

Many spinnings have been spun to explain Tuesday’s victory of Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Some of them may even be valid, such as that a whopping percentage of the population of that state does not approve of the very concept of a recall election, period, except in cases of outright criminality. And stay tuned for more on outright criminality, considering that Walker has hired a criminal defense lawyer over a situation involving some money that went missing from Operation Freedom, a fundraiser for veterans.

The great mystery in this case, and American politics in general, is how so many people can miss the elephant in the room that is – the abuse of power by wealth, also known as plutocracy. (So, not just any wealth, but abusive, predatory wealth. That’s what is meant by plutocracy.) You don’t need a doctorate degree to comprehend the philosophy, or psychology, behind this. And it’s not a subtle thing you would miss if you blinked.

The whole thrust of Scott Walker’s career has been to limit the power of labor. To go to the trouble of voting for him, a person has to believe that labor should be marginalized in this country. It’s not a question of opposing public sector unions while supporting private sector unions. That’s a notion we can discard, and Walker’s statement about having a “divide and conquer strategy” says it all. The goal is to eliminate unions and organized labor entirely.

If that goal warms your heart, it follows that you must believe that businesses today are so ethical, just, fair-minded and good-hearted that no need remains for organized labor, as there was in the early 20th century. Back in those bad days of a hundred years ago, some business people were actually greedy. They took advantage of their work force, and sometimes even the consumers of their products, just to make a little extra money. Hard to imagine such a thing. They could be quite exploitative back then. But that was a long time ago, and the executives we have in the business world today are, you know – good. And certainly as much as conservatives talk about Christianity, we can safely assume that these people are very, very good indeed, and worthy of your trust.

Alternatively, it may be that they use their talk of freedom and liberty as a cover, to conceal a nefarious program of abuse. As in, decades of suppression of wages, among other pervasive injustices against working people. (Remember to never refer to things like suppression of wages as “class warfare.” That term is reserved exclusively for instances wherein the lower classes stand up against abusive practices from above. And nothing is more insidiously evil than when they do that, brethren!)

Scott Walker outspent his opponent nine to one in this election. The Grand Old Plutocracy is alive and well. Maybe some of it will trickle down to you.

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