A Spike in Murders of Environmentalists

Found this news story about a recent spike in incidents of violence (read murder) of environmental activists in third world countries. Death squads are being sent, by somebody, to eliminate anyone who opposes logging, mining, etc., in environmentally sensitive areas and/or lands of indigenous people.

Before you say it couldn’t happen here, pull up the article (That’s a hyperlink on the words “news story” above) and scroll down to the bottom for the most interesting part, the really revealing part. The Comments section! Voice of America, right? Well, right-wing, anyway.

I have copied off a few representative sample posts here. Spelling is as I found it. It goes on like this page after page after page…

They should all be KILLED……They are all LOSERS……Their MOTTO… Save a Tree…KILL a BABY……

Sad but true, treehuggers in the pacific northwest might find themselves hanging from one.

Alternate headline would be “Being Extreme Green Not Good For Your Health”

We need to get rid of these activists any way we can. Without them our economy will grow.
With them we whither and die. And by-the-way, lets get rid of these polititions that take money from special interest groups like these activists.

Well, the enviromental movement has pushed their acctions into violent confruntations and is normal that some are seen as environazis and get killed. Some need to be killed when they step into the fight.

do the environment a favor: they should take out all these green environmental nazis and shoot them on sight.

Nobody wants an enviromentalist telling them what to do but that seems to be what they do best. They walk all over private property rights and use the courts to pass laws that the majority do not want. Environmentalist lack common sense.

Enviro-wienies care more about nature than they do human life, so they get what they sow.

I wish the author had included a website to donate for the companies who are removing the environmentalists. I’d like to thank them for their hard work and donate generously.

good shooting, guys. keep up the good work.


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