Strategic Predation Pulling the Jeremiah Wright Stuff? Must Have Read Yesterday's Blog

I’m figuring somebody in the know was reading my blog yesterday and yanked the new Jeremiah Wright ad campaign. It was that or something else, because it’s gone. Oh well. I have faith that another public service announcement just as inspiring will be hauled out to take its place. Exactly what it will inspire, we’ll have to wait and see.

Hadn’t really intended this to become a political blog, but it is an election year. And there’s not much else in the news today but the discovery of 4,700 new asteroids in the vicinity of Earth, and somebody smuggling cocaine in their fat folds, and an ancient Loch Ness Monster with arthritis. The biggest political news story of the day is that Obama’s top counter-terrorism adviser apparently let slip during a press conference that there was a double agent involved in the arrest of the latest underwear bomber. Walter Brennan, I think his name is, said that there was an inside guy in Al Qaeda that tipped off the plot. You would almost have to assume that Al Qaeda would have figured that out when the plot came up empty. Anyway, now the neo-cons are saying this is further proof that the Obama team is amateurish, and we need a change in November.

Does retrogression count as change? Mitt Romney has reassembled almost the entire foreign policy team of George W Bush to be his foreign policy advisers. Apart from Donald Rumsfeld, almost every name is there. The people who brought you the Iraq War are waiting in the wings for their big Act Two in a Romney administration.

I’ll spare you the obligatory lines about Osama bin Laden disagreeing about how amateurish the Obama people are in foreign policy, because according to conservatives, “anybody could have executed that mission.” There was nothing to it. And maybe there was nothing to bin Laden himself. George W Bush essentially said so, on videotape that    I have seen. He said bin Laden “didn’t matter anymore.” This was around the time of the Iraq invasion. According to Bush, bin Laden no longer mattered.

So, the current president deserves no special credit for getting the mastermind of 9-11. Anybody could have done it. I’ll just close for today with this question. Can you imagine, in your wildest dreams, the volcano of outrage that would still be blowing up, that would be permanently blowing up, at Barack Obama if that mission against Osama bin Laden had failed?





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