Reverend Jeremiah Wright Rants Anew? No, It's The Old Rants, Recycled

Pretty surprising to open up my glaring screen this morning and read about the leaked plans of some right-wing “Super PAC” against Obama this year. They’re hauling out the old videos from 2008 of Jeremiah Wright, ranting his furious screeds from the pulpit. Not sure if they have any fresh content. It would appear they are just going to run the familiar old ones on TV over and over, like they did in 2008. Granted, the McCain campaign didn’t use them, but if anybody in America or on the surrounding planet missed out on seeing these,  I can’t imagine how.

This is the Big Idea for 2012?

The advertising outfit that produced this ad campaign has a heart-warming name. “Strategic Perception.” Did they have to pay the Orwell estate anything for that? Why not just call it Mind Control Incorporated?

Here’s the reality on this whole issue/non-issue. Jeremiah Wright did not spew inflammatory sermons for 20 years. Look at those videos. There’s a grand total of maybe three carefully edited sermons on that reel. Out of a twenty year career of mostly video-taped sermons, how come they don’t have any more to show us than that? It’s because the good reverend got crankier as he got older. The average Wright sermon didn’t sound like that. And the small matter of the editing of those videos is not exactly unimportant. All you saw was the furious culmination of long sermons, which had outlined all kinds of injustice and unfairness that have gone on in this country over the years. The guy losing his cool at the end was all you got to see.

If you talk to a right-wing activist you would think that each and every sermon Wright ever delivered was a frothing freak-out, beginning to end. That’s not the case, (also known as bearing false witness.)

While Obama’s policies have not delighted the conservatives, he has also NOT governed as someone who hates this country. If so, why do American veterans favor him over Romney by 7% in the latest poll? If this worn-out Reverend Wright story is the major mover for 2012, then I’m guessing the Grand Old Plutocracy is running low on ideas.

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