Improve Your Twitter for the 2018 Election!

Now is the time to start gearing up for a massively consequential election.  

O'Rourke in Texas

O’Rourke in Texas

2018 mid-term elections will be played out even as we are under attack from organized Russian cyber-criminals. We can know that for sure because, according to the six top leaders of American intelligence, no directive has been made by this White House to do anything whatsoever to counter it. Indeed, this president will not typically mention the Russian attacks on our elections, to say nothing of implementing the sanctions that Congress imposed on Russia for the 2016 attack.

And let’s stop saying that the 2016 election got “meddled” with. It was attacked, in an act of war that imposed the Kremlin’s hand-picked favorite into the Oval Office. It has now been revealed that this attack included penetration of actual voting systems in several swing states.

About a third of eligible American voters were no-shows in 2016. They just stayed home. Some may have been turned away due to the new voter ID laws. Here is a site that has a map of the Voter ID laws of every state. Check it out, if you’re not sure about your state, and spread the word.

This will be an all-hands-on-deck election for the people of this country. We need an all-out push to install some sort of check into the Congress against what we have in the Oval Office. Twitter, of all things, could be a valuable tool. But NOT the way that many of us go about Twittering.

Bryce in Wisconsin

Bryce in Wisconsin

The rest of this article will be a quick lesson on how to be more effective on Twitter for your favorite campaign, just in time for it to count on November 6th. I’m keeping it simple because we’re not all computer engineers. I am certainly not.

If you have only a small number of followers, it’s time to change that. Twitter should be a lively network with lots of people exchanging ideas. Not an account with twenty followers or a hundred followers after seven years. Some people tell me that they prefer a tiny following. They don’t want a bunch of “strangers” reading their messages. That’s fine, as long as they understand that almost nobody is ever reading them.

The idea is to build as large a following as you can. It is not a complicated process, really. Just takes a little time. Whatever you do, forget about buying followers from these terrible outfits that bombard you with their sales pitches – “TEN THOUSAND TWITTER FOLLOWERS FOR $19.95!!!” No. Never. Never ever. And think about it. What kind of followers would these be? How about a lot of dormant accounts, phony accounts, teenagers in Belarus, and anything else inappropriate.

Here is how to build your following:

FOLLOW OTHER PEOPLE. Just find someone you admire, open their list of followers, and click the follow button for those that seem appealing to you. You’re allowed to follow up to 5,000 people in total! They say you can follow up to 1,000 a day, but keep it well below that. Twitter’s rules can be a little confusing. They say you can follow 1,000 people a day, but elsewhere they warn against “aggressive following.” They define this as “indiscriminately following hundreds of accounts just to garner attention. However, following a few accounts if their accounts seem interesting is normal and is not considered aggressive.”

Just keep it to a hundred or so a day, and not every day, and you should be okay.  

Bredesen in Tennessee

Bredesen in Tennessee

The idea here is that many of these people you follow are going to follow you back, especially if you have interesting tweets! You need not be an author of great literature, just think through a message and write it. Ten tweets and retweets a day is plenty.

Avoid getting into “flame wars” with rude trolls on Twitter. That can get you suspended. If someone ever pesters you repeatedly, there is a “block” function. You can get virtually any question about Twitter answered by just typing it into a search engine. Also you can write tweets in advance, and schedule them to appear at any time with a free scheduling service like

Now, how about the slackers who will not follow you back? Allow them a couple of weeks to think about it, then unfollow them. It is easy (and free) with a Twitter management tool like There are others, but that’s the one I’ve been using. You open a free account, and they present you with a list of the people who are not following you back, as well as your inactive Twitter followers. Just go down the list clicking unfollow. I think you can do 25 a day. Weed out the deadwood to make more room for valid followers. (Keep a few celebrities if you like, even though they never follow back.)

That’s the most important part for now! Go to Youtube for all kinds of tutorials about Twitter. Just type Twitter Tips in the search window.

You might also contact the local Democratic Party office, and ask about volunteering! And share the link to this article!

So, that’s the Democratic Party. Not the Green Party, or the Keen Party, or the Spleen Party. The Democratic Party.

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