All Conspiracies To Be Revealed — by Trump?

The election of Donald Trump owes an awful lot to conspiracy theories. As in, Barack Obama was born in Kenya, climate change is a Chinese hoax, the entire American news media is a vast conspiracy, three million illegal aliens voted in the 2016 election, and Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Then, there is the catch-all. Trump is an enthusiastic supporter of Alex Jones.

Alex Jones

If you are lucky enough not to know who that is, I’m truly sorry to be the one to bring him into your consciousness. Alex Jones is the most prolific peddler of ultra-paranoid conspiracy theories in America today, and he has been for decades. I am not sure when he got his start, but a Youtube video has audio recordings of his radio show going back at least to 1999, when he was among those pushing the “Y2K” mania. (All the computers were going to lock up on midnight, December 31st, 1999. Remember?)

He has predicted the imminent outbreak of World War III so many times it is getting tedious. Also add in an Ebola pandemic in America, a martial law declaration in Texas, the confiscation of all firearms in America, “Pizza-Gate,” and the impending imprisonment of Christian Americans in “FEMA concentration camps.” From there, Jones goes on, downhill.


He is the ultimate “9-11 truther.” That is, he says it could not have been Islamist terrorists who flew those planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Apparently such people don’t really exist. No, it was the American government itself who did that. The evidence? Well, we have to patriotically take his word for most of it. But suffice it to say that some basic logic questions are going unanswered by Alex Jones & company. Such as, if the government had loaded bombs into the towers, and wanted to blame terrorists for the attack, why would they need to fly planes into the buildings? Just set off the bombs and say the terrorists did it.

Also, where is the plane that didn’t crash into the Pentagon? You see, truthers claim that a huge missile was shot into the Pentagon. Why nobody ever saw the launch or flight of this colossal rocket in heavily populated Washington DC is a matter they quietly do not take up. Meanwhile, we’re missing a high-jacked plane. Even the uber-mysterious loss of Malaysian Flight 370 over the remote Indian Ocean eventually turned up debris. Where is American Airlines Flight 77? If not impacted into the Pentagon building, where is that plane?

What about the “20th high-jacker” of 9-11, Zacarias Moussaoui? He was caught before the attacks, and was in jail when they happened. He later admitted he knew about the plot and did nothing to stop it. He must be one dedicated hoax actor, as he remains sitting in prison serving a life sentence.

Sandy Hook JonesThe nadir of dishonor for Jones would be his manic charge that the government hoaxed the various murder rampages that we have seen around the country.   The Sandy Hook school shooting. The Boston Marathon bombing. What was the government’s motive for conducting plots of such mind-boggling scope, complexity and expense? In the case of Sandy Hook, it was all staged on the off chance that it might encourage Americans to accept new restrictions on gun ownership. What about the Boston bombing, which involved no guns? Well, that was just pure, diabolical, government evil. But anyway, no one was really injured. They were all amputee actors with red paint as blood.

One would think that the matter of Russian interference in the 2016 election would be something that Jones and his brethren would find compelling. Certainly there is a lot more evidence already for the reality of Russian meddling than there is for these theories he spends so much time on. But Russia-Gate is itself considered to be a hoax by Jones. Anything that doesn’t jibe with his Lewis Carroll worldview is a hoax.

Jones and clones shovel up conspiracy weirdness, seemingly ad infinitum, always with no hope of unearthing the Truth from those government vaults. But at long last—we’re in luck! A patriot has finally been elected president. Now it is simply a matter of Jones’ most famous talk show guest, Donald J. Trump, informing the American public of the reality and veracity of all these dark and dastardly conspiracies, the secret records of which he now has full access to as president. The New World Order. JFK. Area 51. 9-11 conspiracy. Ebola conspiracy. Martial law plot. Fluoridation of water. Sandy Hook school shooting hoax. UFOs. Bigfoot.




President Trump is now in a position to open the files and set the record straight, on all of this.

I am surprised he hasn’t done so yet. But then, he’s a busy guy.

So, we will wait a while longer.

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