Feudalism is Archaic, Not US Constitution

I am red hot with rage as I type these words, having just hours ago heard Donald Trump’s heartfelt opinion of the United States Constitution. It goes like this:

“It’s a very rough system. It’s an archaic system … It’s really a bad thing for the country.”

No, this was not satire or something out of context. In an interview on Fox News this president dismissed our constitutional system as obsolete. This unimaginably putrid crumb of a man, this bottomless hole of dishonor named Donald Trump, truly believes that the American Constitution is “archaic,” and a bad thing for the country.Crown

No wonder the despotic dictator of Russia worked so hard to get Trump into the White House. This is truly a fascist’s fascist we have here in Trump. There is no bottom. Trump is purest, distilled poison on American civilization.

Checks and balances are not Trump’s cup of tea. He is a narcissist mental case who is quite capable of delivering absolute ruin to our way of life. A conference of psychiatrists at Yale is declaring this president psychologically unfit for office. They are being lambasted for it in some quarters, of course, but they make a damned good case. They are supported by the preeminent psychologist, Robert Jay Lifton, who concluded, “Open institutions are still in effect, but he’s doing his best to ignore them and break them down … Trump is a person bent on authoritarian behavior.”

Call me hot-headed, but I really don’t approve of a president of the United States describing American democracy as archaic and obsolete. The feudal baronies had a system that is archaic, and “really bad” for those who endured living under it. That grim, plutocratic system of the Dark Ages is closer to the mentality of Donald Trump than any of the authors of the American Constitution.

FeudalismDon’t bet that Trump and the GOP will settle for griping about the Constitution. Many of them are actively working to rewrite it. Such a scheme exists. If they can get five more state legislatures to call for a “convention of states,” the Constitution will be altered however they see fit.

You may want to consider getting registered to vote, and then turning out in November of 2018 to support the Democrat for Congress in your state. Do it, even if the candidate is imperfect. Bring some friends with you. You might also do some phone work or door knocking for the candidate, or some other kind of campaigning. The time to make plans for that will be here a lot sooner than the election.

The time to start thinking about it is already here.

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