Engineering Specs for Trump’s Wall

Have you seen the engineering specs for Trump’s Wall? — No?

Neither has anybody else.

There’s plenty of time between now and Election Day for Trump’s campaign to draw them up and make them public, just so the American people can verify they aren’t buying a pig in a poke. Can’t imagine why they have waited this long, in fact. This is the cornerstone of the entire Trump presidential campaign.

Trump Wall Overview

Trump Wall Overview

I was going to do the research and write a piece on the real world engineering requirements for Trump’s Wall. I soon found that the ultimate article on this subject has already been written, for the National Memo—in 2015. It is worth a look, to say the least.

Trump’s wall would be one of the most colossal engineering projects in human history. As walls go, it would be topped only by the Great Wall of China, which took centuries to build and cost the lives of millions of peasant laborers. (And which failed, utterly, to keep out the barbarian hordes.)

The article estimates the concrete requirements at “… Twelve million, six hundred thousand cubic yards. In other words, this wall would contain over three times the amount of concrete used to build Hoover Dam — a project that, unlike Trump’s wall, has qualitative, verifiable economic benefits.”

This wall would have a greater volume than all six of the pyramids of the Giza Necropolis. The article proceeds to outline some of the logistical concerns of the project, though it does not touch on the subject of cost, or who pays. Trump has always said the government of Mexico would be coerced into financing the wall. The president of Mexico is on record as saying that he is highly confident that Mexico will, in fact, not be financing the project. And the big wave of border crossings petered out years ago, anyway! Most illegal immigrants in America now are people who overstay their visa.

I will briefly sum up my personal view of the Trump wall: This is the most deranged, cock-eyed, moon-bat-crazy, sub-idiot aberration ever to hit such a height in American political discourse. That the notion has become so widely accepted stands as a sickening revelation of American intellectual poverty.

A year ago I was one of those who predicted Trump could never be the nominee of the Republican Party. I was only partially wrong. He bears that title. But is it really still the Republican Party? I said back then that Trump’s followers seem to be opposed to the Republican Party, as it stands. And indeed they spend as much time and energy blasting “The Republican Establishment” as they do the Democrats! Well, regarding political parties, the establishment is the whole deal. If most of the membership of a party doesn’t support its establishment anymore, then that party is kaputski. It may exist in name only. What we have now should be called the Trump Party.

trump-taco-bellI was going to invite you to tune in next week when we review Trump’s plan to round up and deport eleven million people. But just today we got word from the Trump campaign that the round up is now considered “TBD.” So, it could be that it will not be launched after all. Hard to say at this point, but the matter is apparently under review.

Some significant costs would be involved, of course. And since Mexico will be hard pressed to finance construction of the second biggest wall in human history, it may be straining relations to ask them to also pay for the round up. A tax increase on Americans may have to be contemplated for the round up, as big as it is. Other logistical challenges may pop up along the way, as well, given that we are talking about arresting and transporting a number of people equal to the combined populations of New York City and Chicago.



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