When You Don’t Like Reality, Yell “Hoax!”

From the Boston Marathon Bombing to the Newtown massacre, from Climate Change all the way back to the Holocaust and beyond, if a certain mentality doesn’t like a certain reality, it was all “staged.”Trump GlobalWarming

We recently marked the third anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. (Tsarnaev apologized! Did that kill the hoax theory? Or was it a programmed android of Tsarnaev who apologized?) Can you imagine how much it would cost to stage that atrocity as a hoax?

Boston, the entire city, with the third largest financial district in America, shut down and locked up for the entire day that the bombers were on the run. How much did that alone cost, apart from the hospital usage, the manhunt, the trial, etc., etc. That’s apart from the incident itself, which involved untold tens of thousands of people. The Marathon is Boston’s biggest event. It is gigantic. The number of runners alone will usually top 30,000.

All the people who were there when the bombs went off knew dozens or hundreds of other people, all of whom knew dozens or hundreds of other people, who in turn knew dozens or hundreds of other people, all of whom became involved in this, directly at the time or later on. We cannot begin to calculate how many people were and are now involved. Many were locals with a long-standing presence in the community. The boy who was killed was known to one and all at his large elementary school. One of the women killed was from the local area with extensive family there, the other was an exchange student from China. The University policeman who was murdered by the Tsarnaevs had a huge personal presence in Boston. These were not nameless transients.moon hoax

Then there were the hundreds of injured. This was a gargantuan, colossal disaster. And today many thousands of people around the country are calling it all a “hoax.” Tempting as it is to get angry, I am going to simply ask, a hoax for – WHAT? What is the purpose of this hoax, the cost of which could have repaved the interstate highway system? These high-level hoaxers spent that much money, and risked exposure from any of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of co-conspirators in their hoax (none of whom have ever leaked the big secret) and they gummed up a major American city for days on end, for – what? What was their motive?

The claims made on dozens (hundreds) of Youtube videos, web sites, message boards, etc., is that the bombing was staged with amputee actors and red paint on the sidewalk for blood. The mother of the bombers echoed that statement.

Paranoia strikes deep. And broadly, apparently. It is now becoming the hallmark of our age. A few days after the death of pop superstar Prince, I counted four different tabloids with four different takes on his death, ranging from murder to suicide to AIDS to a faked death. Those are just tabloids, you might say. But the tabloid style is now regarded as the voice of integrity in this anti-intellectual era of ours. Sure, otherwise you’re left with the hated mainstream media. (So, fringe media is preferred.)

Fox News was started by tabloid powerhouse Rupert Murdoch. Fox News comes across as tabloid TV, with more flashing lights and leggy ladies and CGI eagles and saluting troops and blasting music and emotionalism and slant than Hard Copy and Inside Edition balled up into A Current Affair. Fox News is also typically listed as the “Most Trusted News Source in America.”

facebook-hoaxConspiracy fans said that the ghastly slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary was faked, in order to “encourage Americans to accept tighter gun restrictions.” That horrific massacre, again involving by extension hundreds of thousands of people, and untold expense, was all just a little P.R. stunt to try to see if Americans would accept more gun restrictions. So, how about all the other gun rampages we have suffered? Were they all hoaxes? Gun rampages happen all the time in gunned-up America. (Only rarely in other developed nations.) Are all these rampages hoaxes? Are we looking at hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax? Well, the Boston bombers didn’t use guns, so there’s no gun angle here.

Undoubtedly there will be conspiracy buffs who will see this article. Okay, there is a Comments window below. It’s been three years now. Explain to everybody here why and how the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax. We are waiting.

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