The Bummer of the Summer of Trump

I seriously thought that Donald Trump would be gone from the political stage after the collapse of the whole “birther” deal that he was pushing so hard at one time. But we haven’t heard a word about that particular saga in ages. Now, Trump is a “strong leader” – apparently based solely on his propensity to insult people.

Trump DollFor all the weeks of sustained, noisy support he has had in 2015 Trump cannot be the Republican nominee, simply because he doesn’t mesh with enough of the rest of his party. Getting elected president isn’t a Lone Ranger episode, no matter how much money you have.

How many other prominent Republicans has he derided as “stupid” or “total losers” or worse? Didn’t Ronald Reagan have some kind of a Commandment against that? He cannot rally the Republican organizational machinery, or gain the blessing of the plutocrats who essentially own the party. (Big Brother Koch wants Scott Walker.) All Trump can do is look out for #1, which is all that he has been doing this year. He should have run as an independent from the start.

Also, it remains to be seen how a casino tycoon who “never asks God for forgiveness” is going to play with the religious fundamentalists that make up so much of the party. Though if he is sufficiently hardcore right-wing in other ways, we can have confidence that they will experience whatever epiphany or revelation is necessary to turn out their supporters for him.

That he is as popular as he is among Republicans is a little hilarious, because, again, he can never be their nominee. It strongly implies that Republican voters do not like the Republican Party, at least not as it stands! Either that or they just cannot get enough of people who spend their waking hours screaming insults. In fact, the mindless hurling of pejoratives may be the entire secret of Donald Trump’s appeal. (See Christie, Chris)

clowncar2Incredibly, we know very little about the actual policies of this superstar of the Republicans. You may recall this was also the case with Colin Powell some years ago. Trump’s web site still has no policy page! The Republicans have this man at the top of their polls, and we know almost nothing about what he would do in office! You could elect a trash-talking TV wrestler president of the United States this way.

We know only that Trump would build an impenetrable wall across the US-Mexico border (of … how many miles was that again???) This colossal and apparently magic wall would be impervious to climbing over and tunneling under, and no one could go around it by way of the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean. It would be quickly and easily built on the cheap, and the fact that the flood of illegal immigrants has dropped off sharply over the years won’t alter the cost/benefit analysis. These days, most illegal immigrants are people who have overstayed their visas. The famous eleven to twelve million illegal immigrants are already here, some for decades, but what does that matter when there are macho, gun-totin’ photographs to pose for at the border?

Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick

The beloved casino kingpin says that illegal immigrants are rapists, which you would think would be reflected in our country’s rape statistics if such a strident statement were anywhere near to reality. Trump has declined to give the source of his information.

Our rape statistics are pretty bad, of course, but the vast majority of rape victims knew their attacker. It wasn’t a stranger. It is the same with murder cases. Most murders are domestic violence, all in the family, or it results from a business relationship or friendship that turned sour. A recent year’s statistic showed that 85% of white American murder victims were killed by another white person. The prevailing fear of the dark-skinned home invader isn’t a big statistical reality, despite the tonnage of guns it sells and the votes it draws for tough-talkin’ conservative politicians.

It’s strange that so many Republicans are so wide-open with their pro-business stance, and at the same time so worked up over the issue of illegal immigrants. The immigrants would not be here in the first place were it not for businesses in this country hiring them at below rock-bottom wages. The Republicans’ revered “makers” are coming out ahead with illegal immigrants. Some hard-hearted cynics have suggested that there may be a trace of white supremacist sentiment behind all the frantic support for a border wall. Can you imagine such a thing?

A quick, minor point that is never mentioned about illegal immigrants: the term is not technically accurate. They aren’t illegal, exactly. If they were, you would see them being sentenced to prison for violating the law. That doesn’t happen, because it is more of an administrative violation than a broken law. The mealy-mouthed liberal term “undocumented” really is the right word, as it turns out. Undocumented people don’t go to prison. They are deported. That is all.

Trump StarMeanwhile, Donald Trump is not going to stop shooting off at the mouth, so any blog post about him risks being obsolete as soon as it goes live. As I sat typing this one I saw the news that Trump has been “disinvited” to a big Republican powwow, the one run by Erik Erickson. The dis-invitation is related to Trump’s insane remark that Fox News’ Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” which followed his equally nutty back-and-forth with Kelly at Thursday’s debate. Surely it was not out of line for Kelly to ask Trump how he expected to draw the female vote with all the foul invectives he uses about women. His answer that it was all about Rosie O’Donnell was lame and irrelevant; he has never limited his insults to O’Donnell. Again, hurling insults is pretty much all that Trump does!

His senior advisor has left the campaign over the Megyn Kelly business, so Donald Trump may have had his high water mark. Even so he will likely be a cement block around the Republican neck through Election Day. He will have offended everybody in America by then. If he doesn’t collapse entirely he may end up shucking the Grand Old Party and going independent. The Republican chairman, Reince Priebus, says that will never happen, so that’s your best indication it is a very real possibility.

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