Could Romney be Replaced with New GOP Candidate?

I had not intended this to be a political blog, but it is an election year, and things seem to be hotting up, although still in a somewhat subtle way. The average guy on the street is probably not aware of this yet, but Mitt Romney has had a spectacularly rough few days, and considering that there is still time for the Republicans to replace him, I am wondering if that’s not what will happen at the convention in Tampa. Total speculation, to be sure! And you heard it here first.

The truly ominous sign for Romney is that numerous Republican governors and other party big shots are now openly calling for him to release more than a couple of years of his tax records. It is fairly amazing that he is so resistant to doing so. Any commission sales person in America would be expected to provide three to five years of tax returns at a job interview. That’s standard. And for a generation now it has been standard for presidential candidates.

Right wing honcho Bill Kristol said today Romney must release several years worth of tax records “tomorrow,” and simply “take the heat for a few days.” But if it was as small a matter as a few days of chatter, don’t you think Romney would have already released them by now? He is set in stone that he will not release those records. Clearly, he has a reason. But he won’t be able to resist the kind of pressure he is getting from his own party. Something will have to give soon, if not tomorrow.

A slightly different matter is the question of when Mr. Romney departed from Bain Capital. It may sound like the ultimate in ho-hum, but it’s important because 1. Romney says he left in 1999, which would mean he wasn’t there during some unfortunate doings that happened after that date, and 2. the year 1999 is when he declared on his government documents that he left Bain Capital. Now documents have come to light, along with Romney’s own past statements, pegging him as being there three or more years afterwards. His spokesman Ed Gillespie said on TV today that Romney resigned from Bain “retroactively.” So did he retroactively un-file the SEC documents that he signed?

None of this is at all related to the villain in the new Batman movie. That’s Bane. Totally different spelling. No connection there at all.

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